Styrax redivivus

Wildflowers Dicots Eudicots Asterids Ericales Styracaceae Styrax

Snowdrop bush

Formerly known as Styrax officinalis var. redivivus.

Seen on Rattlesnake trail between the second and third stream crossings (N34.4709427,W119.6887761,Alt:492m). There were ~5 bushes in that one area, 2 on the creek side of the trail, 3 on the other, all in the shade. Seen blooming in May.

Also seen on Freemont Rd. from the yurt all the way up to Camino Cielo.

White flower. There were 7-8 petals in the flower (the books say 5-10), fused at the base (flower dropped as a unit). Many stamens.

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