Ribes roezlii

Wildflowers Dicots Saxifragales Grossulariaceae Ribes

I thought I had seen this but I was wrong.

Seems to be rare in our area, a bit more common out near NIRA I think.


5 Responses to “Ribes roezlii”

  1. Allen Braithwaite Says:

    I believe your Ribes roezlii is actually R. amarum (Bitter Gooseberry). This is a typical front country Goose- one of which can be seen immediately left, inside the Rattlesnake canyon entrance; if the fruit is hairy, it will be a variety: Hoffmannii.


  2. Bryn Says:

    Nice photos. Saw this flower yesterday on Middle Fork trail, West Cold springs trail to Tangerine falls. Common along this trail. A nice plant at the waterfall too blooming with spines. Does look like R. amarum: http://calphotos.berkeley.edu/

  3. georgeruns Says:

    Thank you both for correcting me. I’ve updated this now.

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