Rhus trilobata

Wildflowers Dicots Eudicots Rosids Sapindales Anacardiaceae Rhus

Skunkbush, Basket Bush.

The name is being changed to Rhus aromatica

The leaves look very like those of the closely related poison oak, hence the old latin name. This shrub, however, does not induce an allergic reaction.

The common name (and the new latin name) come from the fact that the leaves, when crushed, have a strong odor.

The flowers are tiny, five petaled, yellowish. They are not a bit like those of poison oak. The fruit is also quite unlike the poison oak berries.

First saw it blooming in early April down near the Grotto. Saw another clump blooming in mid-April near the top of the trail down to Forbush. In both cases the plants were in a stream bed.

Seeds (seen 22 May 2011)


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