Hypochaeris radicata

Wildflowers Dicots Eudicots Asterids Asterales Asteraceae Cichorieae Hypochaeris

Rough Cat’s Ears (or Catsears)

A European invader.

It looks almost exactly like a dandelion, but with a branched flower stem, a solid stem, and the leaves of the basal rosette are hairy. The flower is about the same size as a dandelion flower, and the same color. The flowers of Catear’s remain open at night while those of the dandelion close.

The hairiness of the leaves is supposed to make them resemble the fur on the inside of a cat’s ear, hence the name.

Can be distinguished from true dandelions by: the fact that the stem supporting the flower is branched and the hairiness of the leaves.
Can be distinguished from smooth cat’s ears by the size of the flowers (these are larger) and the fact that the basal leaves are covered with a soft fur rather than smooth.

Seen blooming June-Sept.

Hairs. These are more easily felt than seen.

Looks just like a dandelion puff.

2 Responses to “Hypochaeris radicata”

  1. paty lesalle Says:

    Bonjour… Est-ce la même chose que la porcelle enracinée, c à d a t elle la même toxicité pour le bétail, y compris les chevaux. Merci

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