Calochortus clavatus

Wildflowers Monocots Liliales Liliaceae Calochortus

Calochortus clavatus flower top-viewThe pale yellow mariposa lily, or the clubhair mariposa

Seen blooming on Arroyo Burro Rd about a mile from Rancho Oso in early June in 2010 (but never again). Seen on Aliso and Santa Cruz Trails in May of 2014.

In Santa Barbara we have the pallidus variety.

Calochortus clavatus plant

Calochortus clavatus flower curled

Calochortus clavatus flower curled-side

Calochortus clavatus flower halfside

Calochortus clavatus flower side-view

Calochortus clavatus flower top-view

There are two different subspecies in our area, though in fact, most examples I see seem to be intermediate between the two. There are the pale mariposas (C. c. var. pallidus) and the species which has red spots (C. c. var. clavatus). The outsides may be yellow or reddish. The hairs may be more or less prominent.

Calochortus clavatus flower ladder Calochortus clavatus red outside
Calochortus calvatus clavatus Calochortus calvatus clavatus2
Calochortus clavatus hairy Calochortus clavatus pallidus-flower

Calochortus clavatus seed

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