Wildflowers Dicots Saxifragales Grossulariaceae

Gooseberries and Currants
(the only genus in the Grossulariaceae family)

This genus has two basic forms, gooseberries and currents, and then a few outliers. There are several species of currants which all look basically like chaparral currant, and several gooseberries which look like hillside gooseberry.

The fuchsia-flowered gooseberry is an exception and is looks like nothing else.

Three species may be seen on the West Fork of Cold Spring. As far as I can tell, all the Ribes plants below the turnoff to Tangerine falls are Bitter Gooseberries, while those between that turn-off and the Cold Spring Tunnel are all Fuchsia-flowered, and those on the burnt over slopes above the tunnel are currants.

R. amarum
Bitter gooseberry
Ribes amarum flower
R. californicum
Hillside gooseberry
Ribes californicum flower
R. indecorum
White-flowering Currant
Ribes indecorum flowers
R. malvaceum
Chaparral Currant
R. menziesii
Canyon gooseberry
Ribes menziesii flower
R. speciosum
Fuchsia flowered gooseberry

This is a genus of small shrubs, often with spines. The leaves of the species of this genus (at least those in SB) are all very similar and rather distinctive.
Ribes leaves

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