Baccharis pilularis

Wildflowers Dicots Eudicots Asterids Asterales Asteraceae Astereae Baccharis

Coyote bush, Chaparral Broom (this plant has no relationship to the true brooms).

Blooms August-October. Seen on the More Mesa bluffs.

Male and female flowers are completely different and any plant will only produce flowers of one sex (which made me think, at first, that the two were different species). Female (pistillate) flowers look like bundles of white threads, while male (staminate) flowers are more traditional disk flowers (also white).



The plants I have seen have all been big bushes (up to 10 feet high or so), but the species is variable and there is also a ground-hugging variety.

2 Responses to “Baccharis pilularis”

  1. Amy Williams Says:

    I would like permission to use your photo of side-by-side male/female coyote brush flowers. How can I contact you?

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