Calochortus fimbriatus

Wildflowers Monocots Liliales Liliaceae Calochortus

Late Blooming Mariposa Lily, Weed’s Mariposa Lily.

This taxon was formerly called C. weedii var. vestus.

In both 2009 and 2010 it started blooming in the last week of June.

Listed as “fairly endangered” by the California Native Plant Society.

In 2009 I only saw a few blooms on Cold Springs Trail. In 2010 there were blooms in great masses on every trail I looked. At Inspiration Point, on Jesusita trail, on Tunnel trail, Seven Falls trail, Cold Springs trail, San Ysidro, Buena Vista, Romero, Blue Canyon. Blooms were on both the back-side of Cold Springs and Romero trails as well as in the front-country.

This is the only mariposa lily (Calochortus) I have seen in the front-country.

In 2010 it was not blooming on 22 June and was on 29 June. It was blooming on 8 August and was not on 17 August.

A mass of blooms and seed pods on Tunnel trail, 22 July 2010

These flowers seem to be pollinated by bumble-bees.

There are two other subspecies of C. weedii, both grow further south. The southernmost, C. w. weedii is yellow with small black dots, the intermediate form, C. w. intermedius is yellow at the base of the flower with a white rim around the top edge of the petals and small black spots. The variety in Santa Barbara is darker and hairier.

Color range

Somewhat similar to
C. w. intermedius

Flower bud

Seedpod (Sept)

In January each bulb puts forth a single leaf that looks a bit like a blade of grass. These have generally vanished before the plant flowers.

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