Mentzelia micrantha

Wildflowers Dicots Eudicots Asterids Cornales Loasaceae Mentzelia

San Luis Blazing Star, or Stick-Leaf.

A small yellow flower, about 6mm in diameter, with 5 petals. Flowers in bloom at noon but by 5PM have disappeared (the petals have vanished leaving a single white ovary. I don’t know where the petals went as they were not on the ground below.) Strange ¿leaves? ¿bracts? are below the flower. True leaves are few, often shriveled and dried and seem to occur at fornications where branches join. As the plant ages almost all parts become very sticky (because of fine hook-like hairs on all plant parts) and will stick to clothing. Hence the name.

Found blooming on the West Fork of Cold Springs Trail, in the area cleared by the Jesusita fire, in mid-June 2010, seen again on upper reaches of mid-fork Cold Springs in late July. In 2011 seen blooming in March on Rattlesnake.

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