Every year I have looked at the wildflowers, and every year I think I should do more to learn to identify them.

Well this year (June, 2010) I have been so impressed with the display, especially in those areas the fire had destroyed that I have actually gotten out my books, and bought more books, and spent hours on the trails with my camera, and then spent more hours back home with my books and I think I have managed to identify most of what I have seen.

Not always perfectly. I haven’t always checked every tiny detail and I’m quite prepared to believe that I’ve mixed up two similar species. And my books are not perfect either — they have left out species (there are ~50 species of Ceanothis in California but my books describe 4 of them, so at best I can say “That’s a Ceanothus). But I’m pretty happy with the results.

And now, so I won’t forget it when next year rolls around, I have written everything down here in a web-site. Because this site only lists flowers that I have actually seen in Santa Barbara, it will (I hope) be easier to use for identification than a book which covers the state, or all of the west coast…

I encourage everyone to go look at the formerly-burnt trails — or even just walk along Mountain Dr. There are species blooming there which I have never seen before, and others which I have never seen on our trails. It’s beautiful.

Useful local wildflower websites:

13 Responses to “About”

  1. Lanny Kaufer Says:

    Great site you’ve created. I’m including a link to it on my website’s page of “Links to Resources.” Thanks!

  2. Anna Whipkey Says:

    I would like permission to use an image of Phacelia campanularia from your site. Please let me know how to contact you.

  3. Bryan Harry Says:

    Hi George –
    I was hoping to get permission to use one of your photos of juncus textilis. I’m helping to put together a small informational sign panel about native plants for the Carlsbad Library and we’d like to use that photo. Let me know if that’s okay!
    Thanks –

    • georgeruns Says:

      Fine by me. Are the ones on the website good enough or do you need a higher res version?

      • Bryan Harry Says:

        I think the ones on the website should be large enough… It’s going to be printed at about 4″x4.” I’ve gone ahead and saved the second image of Juncus textilis that you posted from August 28, 2013. Let me know if you’d like me to send you pictures of the sign panel once it’s complete. Thank you!

  4. Dan Malueg Says:

    Hi George,

    Snagged a couple pics of weeds from the site Centaurea and Foeniculum..wondering why I don’t have these in my own photo set…how do you want to be credited on the photos? Email me.

  5. Dan Malueg Says:

    Thanks George

  6. Jeff Elman Says:

    This is a terrific site! What a lot of effort you’ve put into it, and how useful it is. I’m a docent at the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego and am interested in the software you used to display plant blooming observations. Could we email off-line?

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