Pedicularis densiflora

Wildflowers Dicots Eudicots Asterids Lamiales Orobanchaceae Pedicularis

Pedicularis densiflora flower2Indian Warrior

Seen along Island View trail (ridgeline trail) amid the chamise-scrub. Most of the plants appeared to be parasitizing chamise, though a few were underneath manzanitas. Seen blooming in April (though probably starts in late Feb).

Formerly this genus was placed in the Scrophulariaceae (figwort) family.

Pedicularis densiflora flower

Pedicularis densiflora flower2

Pedicularis densiflora plant

Pedicularis densiflora with chamise
Parasitizing chamise.

Pedicularis densiflora with manzanita
Parasitizing manzanita.


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