Lilium humboldtii var. ocellatum

Wildflowers Monocots Liliales Liliaceae Lilium

Humboldt’s lily. This plant is all over the place on the trails in March, usually in shady spots down near the creeks. It puts forth tall stems with whorls of leaves every 4 inches or so — and then something eats the leader, or the bud rots — and it almost never blooms.

Which is sad.

It blooms in June, but rarely. In 2010 I first noticed a bloom on 15 June. Last bloom at the end of July.

Something there is, that does not like a lily
I often seen insects nestled just below a destroyed leader. On the other hand the leaders often look as though they rotted in place.

Some buds appeared in late May

Humming bird at lily

Note: seedpods point up, while flowers and buds pointed down
(by 20 July 2010 only one flower left)

Ripe seedpod with grasshopper (Oct, 2010)

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