Baccharis plummerae

Wildflowers Dicots Eudicots Asterids Asterales Asteraceae Astereae Baccharis

Plummer’s Baccharis (Miss Plummer found the type specimen.

Noticed blooming in October, probably started much earlier. Seen on Cold Spring (front and back), Forbush, San Ysidro, Romero trails.

Flowers look similar to those of Coyote Bush. This plant has longer and thinner leaves and is much shorter. It does not grow (or I haven’t seen it) on our mesas, but is common on our trails. (Coyote bush is less common on the trails, but present).

Male and female flowers are completely different and any plant will only produce flowers of one sex. Female (pistillate) flowers look like bundles of white threads, while male (staminate) flowers are more traditional disk flowers (also white).



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