Ageratina adenophora

Wildflowers Dicots Eudicots Asterids Asterales Asteraceae Eupatorieae Ageratina

Sticky snakeroot. Formerly called Eupatorium adenophora.

This is an invader from Mexico. The federal government classifies it as a “Noxious Weed”, while the California Invasive Plants Council considers it as having “Moderate” impact in California.

Found on Cold Spring, San Ysidro, Buena Vista and Romero trails at their starts, down in the creek.

There is an umbrel of composite flowers of 5 petaled flowerettes.

Blooms Feb-Oct.

Small dandelion-like seeds

This plant was identified for me by Allen Braithwaite. Before that I called it “No Idea 0”.


One Response to “Ageratina adenophora”

  1. Allen Braithwaite Says:

    No Idea “0” is Ageratina adenophora, a common moist, foothill canyon flower from Asteraceae. A sibling, cultivated Ageratum (a blue version), has been a typical East coast bedding flower for at least a century, and can also be found here. Much is written (search the net under this name) about this naturalized Mexican native. It grows at Water’s edge and in seeps or springs everywhere.

    Good luck in you Googling.


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