Stream Orchids

Maybe a mile and a half along Jesusita at the penultimate stream crossing before the small section on the paved road there is a little patch of stream orchids. As you go up the trail you cross the creek and then walk along beside the stream bed for about 10 feet before climbing up about 4 feet or so. Just before you leave the stream bed, immediately to your right, in the litter of dead leaves and stuff are about twenty orchid plants.

I saw the first one blooming today. Of course it wasn’t as impressive yet as the picture above:
Stream Orchid

Last year these started blooming at the end of April, so it’s rather a surprise to see them blooming this early. Most flowers have been delayed by the drought, but not this (or perhaps it was delayed last year?)


One Response to “Stream Orchids”

  1. weedimageoftheday Says:

    You’ve got fiddle neck at the top! That’s one of my favorite naturals.

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