Jesusita run

To my surprise I found a patch of Fiddlenecks on Jesusita trail this morning. I’ve never noticed them before. There was also an unexpected scrub oak with buds all over it up near the powerlines. One of the stream orchids has already started to make buds.
Common Fiddleneck

Steven’s Park
Western Sycamore (1 tree in bloom)
Bush Sunflower
Coast Live Oak (8 trees in bloom)

Jesusita Trail
Blue-Eyed Grass (11 plants in bloom)
Stream Orchid BudStream Orchid (1 bud)
Dense Flowered Rein Orchid (12 sets of basal leaves)
Bush Poppy (12)
California Buttercup (40+)
Fendler’s Meadow-Rue (2)
Bay Laurel (3)
Miner’s Lettuce
Fuchsia-Flowered Gooseberry (2)
Mulefat (1)
Prickly Ox-Tongue
Prickly Sow-Thistle
Common Sow-Thistle
Beggar’s Ticks
Canyon Sunflower (42)
Two-Color Cudweed (1)
Sticky Snakeroot
Common Fiddleneck (11)
Spotted Hideseed
Fiesta Flower
Blue Elderberry
Eastwood Manzanita (4)
Prickly Phlox (1)
Common Bedstraw
Black Sage (12)
Hummingbird Sage (2)
Woodmint (1)
California Figwort (1)
Coast Morning Glory (3)
Tree Tobacco
White Nightshade
Purple Nightshade (83)
Black Mustard (5)
Milk Maids (25)
Bladderpod (1)
Common Manroot (5)
Bird’s Foot Trefoil
Sky Lupine (7)
White Sweet Clover
Yellow Sweet Clover
Scrub Oak (1 shrub with buds)
Cut-Leaved Geranium
Long Beaked Storksbill
Red-Stemmed Storksbill
Caster Bean
Common Rush-Rose
Bermuda Buttercup
Bigpod Ceanothus (3)
Greenbark Ceanothus (1)
California Wild Rose
California Blackberry
Poison Oak


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