Fritillary Hike on Arroyo Burro trail

The back side of Arroyo Burro trail is one of the better places to find wildflowers in our area. It is well maintained by Rancho Oso (who ride horse groups along it) but generally you have the trail to yourself. You can either get to it by driving up 154 to Camino Cielo and driving 6.1 miles east (or 4.1 from the intersection with Painted Cave Rd.), or you can start at Steven’s Park or Cater and hike Jesusita to the Arroyo Burro turn-off and climb Arroyo Burro to Camino Cielo (about 5½ miles from Cater).

Arroyo Burro Rd. intersects Camino Cielo at a shooting range called “the glass factory” and the shooting range is by far the most obvious thing when you get there. Just continue down the road past the range. In front of you is a closed gate. Walk around it (there was also a gate right at the intersection, but this is usually open so you might miss it). Walk another 200 yards down the road and off on the left the trail dives down into the bushes. There is a very tattered sign on the fireroad to mark the trail, but as the sign is oriented so as to be invisible when walking down the road it is easy to miss.

The fireroad can be interesting in its own right, but the trail is nicer. The road goes all the way down to Paradise Rd. The trail descends for 2.5 miles and rejoins the road.

There were lots of Ojai Fritillaries on the trail; some of these were just buds, some had already finished.
Ojai Fritillary

A little further down the trail, between the two stream crossings, were lots of Johny Jump-Ups. I’ve never seen so many on this trail…
Johny Jumpup

Blooming today:
Blue Dicks
Ojai Fritillary
Bush Poppy
Purple Larkspur
Miner’s Lettuce
Woodland Star
Mission Star
California Saxifrage
Coast Sanicle (bud)
California Sweet Cicely
Southern Tauscia
Baby Blue Eyes
Fiesta Flower
Prickly Phlox
Variable Linanthus (bud)
Shooting Star
Common Bedstraw
Coast Indian Paintbrush
Purple Nightshade
Common Manroot
Common Pacific Pea
Tomcat Clover (bud)
Red-stemmed storksbill
Johny Jump-up
Poison Oak
Big-Leaved Maple


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