In search of Chocolate Lilies…

I hiked up Santa Cruz trail (from Upper Oso campground) to look for Chocolate lilies. At this time last year they were almost over, but this year they haven’t even started. I did find many small shoots which I believe will become chocolate lilies in a week or two.
chocolate lily shoot
I don’t have enough data on when this lily’s blooming pattern to be sure, but I’m guessing that the blooming has been delayed because the plant could not sprout until the rains came.

I also saw my first blue dick of the year on the trails. This one I am sure about. It should have started blooming back in January, but here we are, two months later with the first bloom this year.

Then round a corner I found an Ojai Fritillary in full bloom. It’s about the right time for it to do so too.
Ojai Fritillary
As is often the case, beside the Fritillary I found the basal leaves of a rein orchid. It won’t bloom until June or so, but it’s nice to see a basal leaf.

Blue Dicks
Ojai Fritillary
Miner’s Lettuce
California Sweet Cicely (in bud)
Woolly-fruited Lomantium
Southern Tauscia
Fiesta Flower
Prickly Phlox
Shooting Star (lots and lots)
Flowering Ash (in bud)
Woolly Indian Paintbrush
Fringe Pod
Pacific Pea
Poison Oak
Big-Leaved Maple


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